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In the Dutch cities you are absolutely free to do anything what you wish. In Netherlands you find very tolerant atmosphere, which makes a meeting point for young people. Here you can enjoy very intensive nightlife and also daily activity.
For many independent people is Amsterdam famous for small coffeehouses, where is possible legally enjoy the grass.
The most famous transgression ritual can be understood by reading coffee shop menu in Amsterdam. Menu presents various kinds of Marihuana and Hashish that you can smoke when comfortably sitting in the pub in which you can buy “grass”.
The Cannabis is the free spirit symbol of the Dutch capital and it symbolizes just one of the aspects of the tolerant atmosphere of this city.
Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands (Holland), is located in the north-west of the land. Amsterdam, known as the “Venice of the North” is very lively and liberal big smoke, which covers an area of 128 square miles Amsterdam is built on 90 islands linked by 400 stone bridges across 60 miles of canals, which fan out from the heart of the old city. The historic centre of the city consists of canals, punctuated with narrow, picturesque streets.
In Amsterdam you find many Dutch historical attractions.
Van Gogh Museum is an experience, which can not to be missed. The life and work of Amsterdam’s most famous artist is celebrated in this place. In the museum you can enjoy the collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and also his world-famous “Sunflowers”.
Very impressive is Bloemenmarkt, located on the Singel Canal. It is world-famous floating flower market. Here you find many species of trees, plants, herbs and flowers.
You can overlook Dam Square with the Royal Palace while drinking coffee or enjoying high tea.
The Dutch capital Amsterdam has been always the free love and free thought capital, besides coffee shops, another distinctive feature is the red light district, to be experienced as a curiosity among incredible and exaggerated sexy shops and saucy girls eyeing through the shop-windows.

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